AM:  your morning regimen

how to use the acne and dark marks system

Your morning regimen:

Clarifying Cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin

· Massage a quarter-size amount to wet face using gentle, circular motions

· Rinse with warm water and pat dry

Tip: Be sure to rinse your face thoroughly leaving cleanser on skin can cause irritation.


Clarifying Toner for Acne-Prone Skin

· Squeeze a dime-size amount onto a cotton ball or pad

· Sweep across entire face using light strokes

· Do not rinse off, allow to dry

· If skin is sensitive or dry, start with one application daily and gradually increase to twice daily

Tip: Allow to set for 30 seconds before applying oil-free lotion.


Clear Luminosity Hydrating Acne Lotion

· Gently massage a dime-size amount to face and neck

· Works wonderfully under makeup

Tip: If skin is very sensitive or exceedingly dry, you may want to use once a day for few days and gradually increase to twice daily.


Precise Clarity Acne Spot Treatment

· Gently apply a thin layer directly onto blemish

· Use 1-3 times daily or as needed

· If skin is sensitive or very dry, use only once daily and gradually increase

Tip: Only use directly on the breakout – do not apply all over face.