Is Rx for Brown Skin right for you? Read real Rx for Brown Skin reviews from real women.

rx for brown skin reviews

I love using these products

I noticed my skin looking a lot brighter and more even. I feel more comfortable wearing less makeup. I have gotten compliments that my skin has a glow. My mom noticed the biggest difference in the dark spots on my face. She said they have brightened up. I've also been asked by strangers what facial products I use. I love using these products. My skin feels so smooth and I haven't had
any breakouts.

Amazing products!

Just recently ordered my Rx For Brown Skin. It's been 2 weeks using and my skin feels very amazing. Feels clean and refresh, and I am noticing a little brightness.

Non-oily, Non-greasy

The products were a wonderful organic botanical moisturizer. It’s nice, non-oily, non-greasy finish that feels clean and smooth with no buildup.

Rx for Brown Skin is da bomb!

Gotta share this with y'all: I was in the store recently after coming off duty and I remembered that I was out of shaving products. I'm standing in front of the shaving creams and this sistah is about a few feet from me. Here's the dialogue:

  • Her: Excuse me sir but can you recommend a good shaving cream for my husband? He complains that shaving breaks him out and it hurts because he has those bumps and stuff. Do you shave regularly because your skin, if you don't mind me saying so, is so smooth.
  • Me: Thank you miss. As a matter fact I have to keep clean shaven because I'm in the military ( I was in uniform at the time) but I shave every other day.
  • Her: YOU LYIN' TO ME! You shave every other day and your skin looks like that??? You must be using something every day to keep your skin smooth and clear then before you shave.
  • Me: (Wait for it....) I use Rx for Brown Skin. It's a kit that has a cleanser, moisturizer, toner, sunscreen and skin brightener.
  • Her: You know I heard about Rx for Brown Skin from a girlfriend of mine. I think I'll go online and check it out for my husband. Thank you for your help and letting me know about that.
  • Me: No problem miss.

Then we parted. Fellas I'm telling you that Rx for Brown Skin is da bomb! If you are thinking about trying it, stop thinking and start ordering!!


LOVE Rx for Brown Skin!

I got the 6 piece kit and I can see a HUGE difference in my skin! It’s a lot softer and has more of a glow and even, evened up my skin tone! I get so many compliments about my skin and always getting asked what I got done, but I just tell them use Rx For Brown Skin! My favorite product is the Advanced Botanical Brightener, love what it does! Thank you for giving life back to my skin!